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Honorable Mention

Team: 3

Project: cov a w a y

Team members:

- Anas Kandeel

- Basant Tarek

- Eman Meselhy

- Marwa Yusuf

- Mohamed Ismaiel

- Sally Sabry

- Sherif Mohamed

Facilitator: Maha Ragab

Project description: A tool which the garbage man can use to catch the garbage while being away from it.

Honorable Mention

Team: 10

Project: PUBELT

Team members: 

- Ahmed Sabry

- Amal Ashraf

- Aya Ahmed

- Eman Magdi

- Mai Soliman

- Mostafa Azazy

- Yara Sobhi

Facilitator: Yousra Yassin

Project description: We create an accessory that alerts individuals to danger (distance limitations) and helps them carry needed precautions.
GPS for humans for circulation and by that we are solving the interaction between public space and objects while keeping safe.


3rd Place

Team: 4

Project: COT X

Team members:

- Lujain Shaffei

- Marwan Magdy

- Maryam Magdy

- Nada Nader

- Reham Mohamed

- Shams Diaa

- Sherif Rateb

- Yara Barakat

Facilitator: Hytham Abo Hadid

Project description: A convertible chair that can be used as a stretcher or patient bed that can recline to different degrees for flexibility and is embedded with wheels for ease of move and compatibility. The chair turns into a resting place for doctors, and when needed can additionally be turned into a patient bed with an Isolation unit.


2nd Place

Team: 9

Project: SALAAM

Team members:

- Alia ElKayar

- Aya Boghdady

- Eriny Nagy

- Mennat Allah Mohey

- Salma Hesham

- Shawky Abdalla

- Youssef Embaby

Facilitator: Fouad Mirza

Project description: Under the Retail/Entertainment products and design solutions category, we have decided to go macro and tackle the problem  with a holistic approach, by redefining one of the world’s primary congested destinations, the supermarket, offering a brand new ecosystem that is easy-to-implement, fast and pragmatic.


1st Place

Team: 5


Team members: 

- Amira Mostafa

- Esraa Haridy

- Hala Hamza

- Hani Sarwatt

- Mai Mohyeldin

- Mirna Hazem

- Nadeen Alsahafy

- Noha Nagied

- Omar Farid

- Rehab Eldeken 

Facilitator: Ammer Harb

Project description: Virus Shred-BOX is an open-source, self-assembly and flat-pack cardboard unit. The product should be placed as an "add-on" accessory to the existing teller counters. The unit includes a germicidal UV-disinfectant compartment to disinfect documents during the exchange between visitors and employees in public services' workplaces.

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