Cairo Designathon Round II:
Design Future-Past

Digital manufacturing and open-source design tools are revolutionizing the face of craft and industry. From Advance Computational design to 3D Printing to AI-driven design, to Big Data to Generative Design tools, the disruption is already here.

The implications of such advances in technology are profound, as their adaptability and affordability mean that products can be manufactured anywhere, in relatively small quantities, with each item being highly customizable for each consumer’s needs. What will design, craft and industry look like with the increasing proliferation of these digital technologies?

This theme aims at upgrading the Egyptian Furniture and product Industries, by introducing contemporary design and manufacturing technologies.

This theme aims to create a disruption in how Egyptian goods are being designed and produced and utilize the added value of design and future manufacturing methods to provide competitivity and sustainable growth to the Egyptian Industry and Crafts.

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If you are accepted in Cairo Designathon Round II, you will receive a confirmation email on Saturday, April 3. 


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Please note that while we do our utmost to assign participants to groups based on their interest, however, based on availability and limited places in each challenge, you may be assigned to an alternate working group as necessary.