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Design Marathon Application: 
CDW'23 Edition

Please read the below information carefully before submitting your application.

Cairo Designathon is back with the 4th Edition of Cairo Designathon, the first collaborative design marathon in Egypt and MENA region. 

This Edition will take place during Cairo Design Week, from 17 to 25 November 2023, in Downtown Cairo Design District.


Design Marathon Format: 

A Collaborative Design Workshop: Multi-disciplinary designers are grouped together into teams and presented with a design problem, in one of the marathon's design challenges. Over the course of 5 days, they start ideating together on the best design solution for that design challenge using “Design Thinking Methodology”, with their assigned Design Mentors. 

Jury Session: A diverse Jury committee for each challenge assesses the outcome of the design team and picks one winning team and one runner-up. 


Winning teams get: Cash prize + Cairo Designathon Trophy + Publishing and exposure

Runner-up teams get: Cairo Designathon Trophy + Publishing and exposure

Important Dates: 


  • The Marathon will be held from Saturday 18 November to Thursday 23 November.

  • The Marathon Jury sessions will be on Friday 24 November.

Applicants are required to be present daily, during the entire Design Marathon, from 10 am to 5 pm, in the Marathon Venue, in Downtown, Cairo.

Application Form

Designathon Theme:


Humans have become experts in using, abusing, and discarding earth's natural resources. Our pricking and prodding of the earth coupled with the habitual estrangement of our waste has induced "slow violence" on our lives at large.


This estrangement occurs at every scale scale of our collective environment.


Designers are typically situated downstream of material production; this ultimately confines design to values held by the industrial complex. Blanketing their concerns for capital in false claims of sustainable practices, the capitalist market deliberately fetishizes material optimization.


This Edition of Cairo Design Marathon is speculating on life beyond this estrangement, with a central key theme:




Reclaiming the estranged

Reclaiming the fringe

Reclaiming the marginalized

Reclaiming the city

Reclaiming the planet

Join us in our Journey of design exploration! 


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If you are accepted in Cairo Design Marathon CDW'23 Edition, you will receive a confirmation email on Sunday, 5 November. 


After Submitting your application please wait for a few minutes for your file to be uploaded. After submission, you will be directed to a thank you page. 

Please note that while we do our utmost to assign participants to groups based on their main challenge selection, hhowever, based on availability and limited places in each challenge, you may be assigned to an alternate challenge if necessary.

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